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Vitamin Injections are concentrated vitamin cocktails that are injected directly into the body as opposed to taking them in pill form. Over the last 10 years there has been a change in the approach to handling nutrient deficiencies and it seems there’s good reason. Consumers are finding comfort in vitamin injections because they allow for better nutritional absorption and the compounding pharmacies that are manufacturing them are highly regulated, as opposed to the oral vitamin supplement companies where recent news highlighted that many oral supplements did not contain the actual ingredients that were listed on the containers and some were contaminated and potentially dangerous.


Unlike oral supplements that must first undergo digestion, absorption and metabolism before any nutrients are released into the bloodstream (which can take hours), vitamin injectables are a rapid method of dietary supplementation. Following the injection of vitamin supplements, the body can start to utilize the active ingredients immediately, unlike oral consumption which can take hours to digest and reach its targeted tissue. in order to correct dietary deficiencies.

In addition, because of low bioavailability and extensive metabolism, oral supplements must be dosed frequently to be effective while still not correcting micronutrient deficiencies. Depending on the brand, some supplements require the patient to take several pills per day.

Vitamin injections, on the other hand, are completely absorbed and avoid extensive metabolism, providing higher concentrations of nutrients available to target tissues. In addition, intramuscular injections create a depot effect in which the active ingredients are released progressively over time in a steady-state manner. Therefore, vitamin injections require less frequent dosing than oral supplements.



Because vitamin injections go directly to the blood stream, the results are almost immediate. You will feel energized and rejuvenated almost immediately, not to mention healthier and more physiologically balanced.

There’s also another great benefit to vitamin injectables. Because the vitamins are injected directly into the bloodstream, the body actually absorbs a much higher level of the dosage compared to oral vitamins that must go through the digestion process. This means that you will not need to take vitamins everyday, but rather once every few weeks.